Two Panerai Unique Pocket Watch

1150 pocket watches with panerai replica style are released: Pocket Watch 3 Days Oro Rosso and Pocket Watch 3 Days Oro Bianco. Pocket watch is the most graceful and delicate ornamentation for man. Not long before, men have never thought that they will wear a pocket watch around their wrists, even at the beginning of last century, it is a common sense that wrist watch belongs to ladies. Not until the first World War, men began wore watches and gradually pocket watch is rare to be seen and finally it can only be seen on a collector’s drawer.

Typically, case always turn to precious accessories to express its noble class, but to those who love high-tech skills, the biggest surprise hide in the backside of the watch. The big and round case back can be open easily so that a p.3001/10 movements made by replica panerai is appreciated. p.3001/10 movement is an automatic movement that can work properly for 3 days and through the energy indicator you will see when to wind it up. What’s more, the movement presenting before us is a new movement, because two barrels and clamp plate are skeleton structures which enable bearers to appreciate small details and delicate techniques, for example, the complicate gear system and gold-plated patterns. And the working of movement is revealed to us. For instance, when we wind us or when watch is working, we will see how the barrels are tighten and then gradually turn to loose. Finally, a polishing case back protect the inner beautiful structure.

Another thing that we want to mention is the long bracelet which reaching an amazing length of 40 mm and every part of it is designed by Panerai. The bracelet and case are made of rose gold or white gold, and two clasps are set on the end of bracelet to connect each other tightly.