Only Ten For Sale–Vacheron Constantin Harmony Ultra-thin Chronograph

So we will bring the latest new watches in following days, and here today,we look at a new watch coming from Constantin. Constantin rolled out this watch aiming at celebrating its 260 anniversary.

This new Constantin Harmony ultra-thin watches has a rattrapante that could record two different times, and its movement is the thinnest movement among Constantin watches and the case only reaches 8.4mm. This Vacheron Constantin Harmony Ultra-thin Chronograph is engraved with precious Cote de Geneva, redisplaying the round, chamfering plate. The case and round bezel plus a mirror gives us a sense of thin. The unique structure deeply impressed us. The bright, white dial edge is marked with tachymeter in deep red color. Hour hand, minute hand, small second hand and energy indicator at 9 o’clock makes it quite clear to be read. The blue Arabic numbers and blue hands corresponds to each other, while the graceful hands indicates hour and minute.

vacheron constantin replica

vacheron constantin replica

Vacheron Constantin Harmony Ultra-thin Chronograph has a automatic winding up movement that reaches only 5.20 mm. This is quite a thin watches, comparing with most other thinner watches, such as Piguet, Breguet, Patek Philippe, and Rolex. The brand-new automatic winding movement consists of 459 components, and some small components, like spring, rotor, only reaches 0.03mm, stunningly thin and small. Those components are assembled by the experienced watch makers with their adroit skills, and the test them to its perfect status patiently. This automatic 3500 movement could offer 51 hours of energy reserve, and this is the first time that the movement has a extraordinary outer rotor that are placed at the supporter. Through the crystal background, we could appreciate the manually-made 3500 movement. On the rotor, there are swirl patterns and relief which are specially designed for Constantin. Those patterns are inspired by the first arabesque on the plate from the first watch that hsaa jean-Marc Vacheron signature.