‘Fugitive financier’ rotated killer sentenced to 4 years for fraud

‘Fugitive financier’ rotated killer sentenced to 4 years for fraud

Albert runner, A former Ontario acquire planner infamous for fleeing Canada with his daughter and later committing murder in Britain, Was sentenced Monday to four years injailon fraudrelated premiums.

In a legal in Kingston, Ont, proper rights Rommel Masse sentenced Walker to four years in prison on 19 fraudrelated crimes. He has also been sentenced to one year, To be served jointly, On a charge of breaking the Bankruptcy Act.

all 61yearold, Formerly a supporter inWoodstock, Ont, Embezzled more than $3 millionfrom dozens folks in the 1980s, Many whom lost their nest egg. He pleaded guilty in April to 20 theft and fraud rate.

Walker is already serving a life sentence in Kingston penitentiary for the slaying of his business partner, Ronald Platt, Whose identity he assumed whilst in Britain.

Walker’s life story has been the main topic of a book, your favorite shows and a play.

regarding 1990, Walkerabandoned his home in rome, Ont, And fled to Britainwith his son, Sheena, Who was then 15.

British police say that whilst in Britain, Walker assumed the id of Platt, A man he’d befriended, After real Platt to relocate to Canada. Platt arrived back to England in 1995, Causing a major problem for Walker.

Walker killed Platt during a 1996 sailing trip by knocking him other than conscious and throwing him overboard, After evaluating down his bodywith an anchor.

British police looking at Platt’s death revealed Walker’s true identity. They unearthed Platt’s body by a Rolex watch on his wrist, which had a serial number allowing police to trace its owner.

while 1998, Walker is discovered guilty of murdering Platt and sentenced to life in prison without parole for 15 years. Seven years later he was transferred to Canada to serve all his sentence.

Sheena had two daughters while on the lam with her father for six years, where she posed as his wife. The girls’ dna paternity has never been revealed.

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