French relationship with Sarkozy is fading

French relationship with Sarkozy is fading

As mr. Sarkozy is being splashed across the pages of French magazines and newspapers with Ms. Bruni at eurodisney Paris and the Egyptian pyramids, He’s also finding some tougher new questions about his performance, Possible limits on his promise to reform, And criticism about his jetset image at an occasion when many French still feel that their economy is listing.

At his first official press conference this week at the Elyse palace in front of 600 writers, Sarkozy sought to ameliorate the moaning.

In fine French approach, He set out lofty concepts over two hours about the significance of a great civilization, stated an Internet tax, And the project of changing the 35hour workweek. He joked considering the press for “Waiting through to the second question” To ask about his romantic endeavors, And turned back their criticism of making his romance a Page 1 story by chiding them for sending wedding photographers.

‘The Carla effect’

French habitually don’t care, And don’t want to understand about, The private lives of those top office holders. Yet due to what has called “The Carla result, Sarkozy is losing some credit among ordinary French a mistake by the palace, Which is said to have hoped for a “charisma bounce,

“I think the french may be tiring of all the blingbling, Says a former adviser to French prime minister Dominique de Villepin. “Sarkozy is bling he wears big Rolex running watches, Has bad golf shoes, And loves luxury and to show off it. Carla not really bling. she gets old money, Good clothes, accustomed in wealth. But Sarko is jewelry, And we’re feeling it is a touch too much right now,

traditionalistic French, The ballast of Sarkozy back support, and especially older French, haven’t been impressed. The forced, unfortunately, Is critical of the symbolism of glitz when the cost of living is high.

On France Inter radio soon, The salary enlarge Sarkozy gave himself this fall brought a caller who said, “He got a 162 nought per cent pay raise, And he didn’t even have to go on strike,

to be certain, Sarkozy are few things if not the first in most anything he does. He is the first youngish ceo in modern France, The first president from immigrant stock.

In his personalised affairs, He is the first divorced president coming into office and the first to be divorced in office when his wife, Cecilia, Left him in september. if ever he marries Bruni, Who in the past dated Mick Jagger, He will be the first one to wed in office.

Given that President Franois Mitterand used to go on a break in an official plane with his wife, And an unofficial plane in reference to his mistress and unofficial family, Sarko is also the first to put his private life on display.