inside Windows Live Messenger Archive

Windows Live Local its very addictive i had a look at your tour around Redmond rather impressive shows what a person could do with it i since it launched have mainly been looking at US Tourist thinks like Statue of Liberty, Harrisburg, PA, san Francisico and all my other US want to visit places and seening them from the air gives a different perceptive. am not far from Harrisburg, PA on student exchange am going back to the UK soon (before xmas) been great fun visited a few PA and NY towns my favourite whould have to be New York then Philidelphia i go to the pacific coast if i visit some other time. I hope to see some form of intergration of this in Messenger even if its a tab where you can search a location or something and it opens Windows Live Local in Internet Explorer (or any other browser for those who love firefox!) displaying whatever thing they want say \ Falls\ Type: Birds Eye Jamie

“Windows Live Local was released today and it rocks! I have always dreamt about using a teleporter and being transported to where ever I wanted to go in a blink of an eye. We are getting closer to my dream; in a click of a mouse you can be checking out the Statue of Liberty one second and then the Space Needle the next.”If you\ always dreamt about it, why did you wait? You could have used Google Earth or Google Local long ago. Your post seems like you guys are the first one to invent the wheel.

Hey I got invited to one of the Beta\ and I downloaded it.

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