discussion Of ‘is It Illegal To Purchase A Fake Watch Like A Fake Rolex

Fiction? Joe Blow ordered replica Rolex by mail. 100 bucks on credit card. 100 + xtra 5 bucks bank charge on CC paid to some bank in Constipation, (hungchow) China. Package tracked perfectly by postal service and arrived in 6 days after passing thru customs in 2 cities. Opened package. Band broke when installing on arm. Took to jeweler to fix and crystal fell off and broke upon hitting floor. 35 to jeweler. Happy owner went skipping home! Watch kept time but stopped on dresser at night. Will not wind enough by stem or wrist movement to run over night. Unhappy owner finds place to contact seller and receives email from John Smith (no joke) requesting picture. Did not specify watch or owner LOL. Unhappy owner with IQ less than belt size gives up. John Smith evidently not wanting pen pal as he no more answer. Next morning CBP officer at door with AK47. I think he wants to buy one too as he is asking a lot of questions. Anyone want to purchace a Rolex?

(6) On May 4, 2011 at 7:37 pm Emillen9 [0] said:

I have spent several hours searching the internet for info on purchase of a single fake Rolex by mail. Too many different opinions so I called CBP. (5411) You can bring one trademarked or copywrited item into the US legally. You can not do so by mail legally and customs will confiscate it. CBP said you may get away with it but you are violating the law. Here is a link to regs.

I am wondering if possession of a fake Rolex could get you in trouble just by owning one. I suspect the sellers do not want this information public!! Ernie