2011 The Commercial Appeal

Ten MidSouth flea market vendors and a Memphis pawnshop operator have agreed in a federal consent order to stop selling and buying fake Rolex watches. And American Park ‘N Swap Inc., which operates the flea market at the MidSouth Fairgrounds, has agreed to notify its 600 vendors that selling counterfeit Rolex watches is prohibited. Federal marshals seized 616 watches from the flea market vendors and 39 from the pawnshop on Dec. 20. Dist. Judge Odell Horton, Rolex is seeking an unspecified amount in actual damages and $1 million in punitive damages from the defendants.

Neighbors fearing creeping commercialization won the City Commission to their side yesterday in a dispute over dividing a plot of land at the intersection of Poplar and Goodlett. Buchignani sought to subdivide the land on the southeast corner into two lots so he could give one to his sons, according to his attorney, Isadore B. Baer. But neighbors, represented by Herbert Moriarty Jr., argued the request would “open the back door” to converting the land to commercial use. They cited a sign which Mr. Buchignani installed on the lot, offering it for sale to use as a doctors’ clinic or duplex.